Sales or transport packaging?

Packaging compliance

The Packaging Directive 94/62/EC upon packaging and packaging waste has already been put in force back in 1994. All EU countries except Denmark have transposed this Directive in a relatively similar pattern, yet individually per member state. Even outside the European Union, comparable regulations exist. The requirements for producers or companies that put packaging onto the market include:

  • Identification of the packaging categories put onto the market
  • Classification into sales and transportation packaging
  • Participation in collective schemes within the relevant countries
  • Proof of coverage of financial obligations
  • Correct marking of packaging in so far applicable

RENE AG engages in the qualification of your packaging and your obligations as a producer or selling company. In so far required, we organise the participation of your company in the relevant collective scheme of each country and thus ensure your packaging compliance. RENE AG takes in all questions that occur from schemes or authorities during the registration process.