RENE AG - with over 80 branches in 56 countries

Recycling Network

RENE AG is a management service provider and coordinates a worldwide network of international RENE contract partners. All RENE partners are specialized in the recycling of WEEE. This organisation keeps RENE AG independent from restrictions of machine capacity requirements. We can therefore pick-up WEEE, batteries and packaging and have it treated environmental-friendly within the country of its origins – without any transboundary shipment of waste.

The recycling is executed solely by RENE partners that hold an ISO 14,001 certification. Furthermore, all companies have signed a RENE quality charta by which they strictly commit to both follow and continuously improve the quality standards of the WEEE Directive and its annex V. We can thus assure a high and similar standard of service across the globe.

We strictly monitor the achievement of process requirements by our network participants since high quality recycling means both brand protection and legal security for our customers. Therefore we audit our contract partners regularly by ourselves. Above a specified annual volume, we additionally engage the bifa Umweltinstitut as an external auditing partner.

Selected recycling partners are used as worldwide competence center. These hubs are used for international remarketing activities for products just as well as for internet-based employee sales projects. By doing so, we strengthen the re-use of products as intended by the legislator and thus actively contribute to the conversation of resources.

With over 80 subsidiaries in 56 countries, we have access for instance to a capacity for WEEE recycling of more than 1 million tons per year. The RENE network steadily grows by our partners. Currently, we provide production capacity on all five continents. For international producers it is vital to be able to provide structural recycling solutions also outside Europe in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. In selected countries, our RENE partners are accessible over our own collective schemes.